About C.A.P.E


Combat Arts Preservation and Education is a 501c3 educational non profit group dedicated to the protection and study of professional wrestling, catch as catch can, Lucha Libre, Puroresu, Sports entertainment, and Hardcore. Our mission is to have fun raisers to educate the community to the issues facing the archival legacy of Combat Arts.


1. Create and support professional wrestling viewing parties to de-stigmfy the art form while educating.

2. Preserve legacy Combat Arts media. Find cashes of legacy footage and digitize them for the people.

3. Host book drives for combat arts literature for local libraries and other institutions to make the history of Combat Arts available to everyone.

4. Bring the Combat Arts Community in to one people with one voice.


Eric Jackson – Chairperson and Founder of C.A.P.E and Wrestlingwatchingclub.com. Eric has been forming small watch party communities all over the United States since 2011.

K! – Several time host of numerous watch parties including WWC in San Francisco and the web series “The One Minute Raw Recap.”


Please contact us if you would like to make a donation, volunteer, discuss business opportunities, reach Eric Jackson, have a watch party at your venue, or anything related to Combat Arts.